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Aman Dhillon

CEO, Tigermar (Cambodia) Insurance Broker Co., Ltd

Aman graduated from the University of London in 2004 with a degree in Economics. That same year he joined JLT’s marine team in London working predominantly with clients based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea. In 2011 he was appointed Regional Director of JLT’s marine business in Asia and was instrumental in the establishment and growth of that business. He is a well-known, highly respected broker in the Singapore market and a key member of Tigermar’s management team.

Aman’s key areas of expertise are energy and marine risks, both construction and operational. He has provided insurance solutions for some of the largest shipyards and contractors in Asia utilizing standard energy and marine wordings but also developing bespoke hybrid forms. His expertise, contacts and relationships transcend product lines. He believes that that the nature and characteristics of a risk should determine where it is placed rather than the off-the-shelf solutions that are often applied.

Literally translated ‘Aman’ means ‘Peace’ and that is exactly what he brings to the team (except when Arsenal lose a game of football). His cool head and calmness under pressure are welcome attributes to the frenzied activity and intensity of the Tigermar office.

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